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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Socialists Are Too Weak for Freedom

The peoples of free societies all yearn for peace. That’s why you do not have free societies making war on each other. So peace is a good thing, but what cost must be paid when non-free societies attack? That depends upon the perceptions of those under siege. Are they immediately and physically under attack on the home front or is the attack more distant?

When an enemy threatens, people pull together for the common good. That is especially true of the American people, despite differing political philosophies. It happened in World War I and II, and it happened after 9/11/01. That is not to say that the melding in common defense was unanimous by any means. There were and there are those elements within the U.S. that want to see the American dream, as we know it, destroyed. That’s in addition to Islamic fundamentalists. It is interesting that these people, excluding the Islamists, tend to have a common ideology of socialism and entitlement. While these people are a distinct minority, their collective influence has and does have severe negative consequences.

The negative consequences are well illustrated by the leftist agenda of the Democratic Party leaders. I don’t believe for a minute that the majority of Democratic Party members ascribe to the radicalism of their leaders, but there the members are voting for representatives whose main purpose is to restrict personal freedoms by enlarging government, and to build personal power and wealth. That translates into redistribution of wealth, the taking of more taxes from the common people to give to others. Socialism in all its glory. Entitlements!!

Entitlements are antithetical to personal responsibility. And, the lack of personal responsibility directly translates into a willingness to stand aside and let others pay the price of everything, including freedom. For the most part, you don’t see much in the way of personal sacrifice by socialist governments for the good of the world. There are good reasons why it is the U.S. that always steps forward and makes the personal sacrifices. Of course, if the leftist cut and run crowd gets its way, the U.S. will join the fast track to irrelevance.