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Friday, July 28, 2006

Battle for Arabic Public Opinion

The battle for the emotional support of the Islamic people is a constant concern for Middle-East rulers and terrorists alike. Now it is the Hezbollah which has caught the attention and support of the public. Never mind that it is the actions of the Hezbollah which put the match to this conflagration. Never mind that it is Iran and Syria that supplied Hezbollah with weapons and support. Never mind that it is the impotent United Nations “peace keeping force” in Lebanon that facilitated the stockpiling of weapons and construction of infrastructure by Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. Never mind that it is Lebanon’s corrupt and weak military that allowed Hezbollah to eclipse its own power. Never mind that it is Lebanon’s government that allowed Hezbollah to be the primary care giver to the public in terms of social support. Never mind that the Lebanon’s people and Arabic rulers initially condemned Hezbollah for its provocative actions. Now that Israel has responded forcefully, suddenly it appears that the regional public opinion is swinging in favor of Hezbollah, and Arabic countries are changing their public tune. See the article linked here.

From an Israeli perspective, what’s new?