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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Middle Eastern Democratic Experiment

Thomas Friedman penned his concerns that the democratic experiment in the Middle East is being hijacked and “going up in smoke.” He could be correct, and it is without a doubt a huge gamble paid for principally with the lives and fortunes of Americans.

It certainly is never going to work in the Arab-Muslim world if the U.S. and Britain are alone in pushing it in Iraq, if Europe dithers on the fence, if the moderate Arabs cannot come together and make a fist, and if Islamist parties are allowed to sit in governments and be treated with respect - while maintaining private armies.

Up until Sept. 11, 2001, Pres. George W. Bush’s principle accomplishment as President was the derailment of Al Gore from becoming President. And, that is no small accomplishment when you consider what a disastrous turn of events that would have been for this country. Here we are in the opening stages of the next world war and Al Gore is yammering about global warming. I wonder what the effects on global warming will be if Islamo-fascists fulfill their desire to burn down Western culture.

The current American agenda in the Middle East is to plant the seeds of democracy, help nurture it to growth and thereby neuter the aspirations of Islamo-fascists. That plan is Pres. George W. Bush’s legacy. It is far more courageous than anything the Democratic Party could ever have imagined.

Will the plan work? At this point no one knows, and Friedman could be correct. But, even if he is correct, the Bush plan is the U.S.’s logical opening gambit in the war that was forced upon us. If we fail in this plan, we will be forced to raise the stakes with more draconian steps. As it looks right now, the only good Islamo-fascist is a dead Islamo-fascist.