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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chance to Rub Elbows with Dirt Bag Bikers

In my blog last December entitled, “Biker War: So You Think It’s Cool to Hang with these Nitwits” I wrote:

It is time for the public to start repudiating the motorcycle-riding miscreants in society. Recognize these people for what they are: a bunch of organized crime individuals who often engage in some rather un-organized crime.

Hollister, CA, is the official site of the annual Fourth of July Run, or at least it was until this year, where multitudes of mainly Harley Davidson riding motorcycle enthusiasts gather for fun and frivolity. The fact that outlaw motorcycle gang members frequent the event and that there is a war between the Hells’ Angels and the Mongols seems irrelevant. Not so for the Hollister city fathers. They opted to not hold the event this year due to cost factors and the liability from the potential violence. The last “big” shootout between the Hells’ Angels and the Mongols was in Laughlin in 2002. There have been smaller skirmishes ever since. Unfortunately for the city and surrounding municipalities, many motorcyclists and vendors are ignoring the cancellation and arriving in Hollister anyway. What may be good for restaurants, bars and hotels is not necessarily healthy for the community.

For those motorcyclists with a need to rub elbows with outlaw motorcycle gang members, here’s another opportunity.

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Additional Info: 'It's a dirty, stinking, rotten event,' said San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill. 'This year, we have a dirty, stinking, rotten nonevent.'