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Friday, February 17, 2006

Hells’ Angels--Plethora of Criminality

Among the four big outlaw motorcycle gangs in the U.S.: Hells’ Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, and the Pagans, it is the Hells’ Angels who are constantly in the forefront of outlaw motorcycle gang sophistication. They have evolved from a rowdy collection of losers into a sophisticated organized crime syndicate. At the same time they have polished their public image with toys runs and public events. Perhaps one of the slickest publicity moves was accomplished in 1984 when Ventura, CA, chapter president George Christie took his turn to carry the Olympic torch.

Just in case that you have been taken in by the publicity, don’t be fooled. The essence of the Hells’ Angels is well described here in this February 16th. article,
Spokane chapter president Richard Allen Fabel, 48, also known as Smilin' Rick, was charged with racketeering and conspiracy to racketeer. He is accused of directing other gang members to engage in murder, attempted murder, itimidation, extortion, robbery and trafficking in stolen motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts.

Let me see, what else do the HA do that is not listed in the indictment: Prostitution; Assault; Burglary; Narcotics trafficking; Money laundering; and Business intimidation. Nice group of people, don’t you think? Did I mention that they have a proclivity to sport tattoos? Sorry, I got off track. That was another blog.