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Monday, February 06, 2006

SV Sophist’s State of the World

I wonder how many people have a clue about what is likely to be in store for the Western world for this new 21st century. It is safe to say that with the exception of the U.S., Canada, England, and Australia, the Western world and Christianity are in a critical cultural/religious decline. And, in the Christianity sphere, only the U.S. is remaining strong. At the same time, India, China and Islam are in an ascendant phase.

India and China are the big players in the future world markets with large workforces and rapidly developing economic engines. Of course, it would be folly to predict that either China or India will dominate the world in their current form of governments. Lurking in the background is Islam and fascism.

Only 13.4%, or 144 million, of India’s population are Muslim. But, when you consider that 1-2% of those Muslims are fundamental, that is a considerable number of potential trouble makers. How can you conclude otherwise while witnessing Islamic rioting, arsons, and death as a result of political cartoons? I am not suggesting that India is on the cusp of going Islamic; after all 80% of over 1 billion people are Hindu. But, India is virtually surrounded by Islam and ocean.

China is having its own problems with domestic discord and rioting, and some experts consider China to be less than stable politically. China is in a devolution stage of Communism toward capitalism. Unfortunately, China is not developing freedom and democratic institutions. The leadership is increasingly acting more fascist. Islam is also making inroads to the generally secular Chinese populations, especially in the areas bordering Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Tajikistan.

The U.S. stands to the right of England, Australia, and Canada, though Canada is making a slow right turn. Mark Steyn cautions about making too much of the recent Canadian conservative turn. Read his article, An Act of Political Hygiene.

In South America, the potential for Communism is again raising its ugly head with the Cuban loving Venezuelan Hugo Chavez and Bolivian socialist and former coca grower Evo Morales.

As long as the U.S. remains a stronghold of capitalism and Christianity, it will be isolated from the growing Islamofascist or Communist/fascist world. That means a growing number of oil resources could become unavailable to the U.S.

The French don’t do much right, but they were smart to have embraced nuclear power for electrical generation. It’s high time that the U.S. make serious strides toward that ideal of energy independence. Failing to do so will leave us seriously vulnerable to oil blackmail and energy shortages.

The world of the 21st Century is not a peaceful place, and the U.S. stands as a beacon of hope for freedom and liberty. While we are making significant strides in bringing those freedoms to some parts of the world, a significant percentage of people are under the control of despotic regimes. Europe has culturally doomed itself. And, the U.S., in many respects, is facing an increasingly hostile world.

In order to properly respond to the challenges, we must strategically understand how our mortal adversaries think. We must recognize that much of the world, particularly Muslims and Asians, are functioning on an honor-face platform while the Western world operates on a morality (right & wrong) platform. As a result, we don’t understand each other.

We need our politicians on both sides of the aisle to understand and embrace these facts. But, they are not doing so. It will take the American public to force the politicians into acting in our best interest instead of partisanship. But, how will the American public do that when it is so philosophically divided?

I don’t know the answer to that question. But, one significant improvement has been the ascendancy of the citizen bloggers and talk radio, who are putting the mainstream media on notice that it must jettison its blatant one-sided perspective to survive. I actually believe there is some improvement in that regard.

There is a battle for the minds of Americans and the outcome will make or break us. It will determine if this society stands tall with enduring American values or sinks into the fever swamp of Islamofascism or a second rate lackey nation of the European model.