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Saturday, January 28, 2006

SV Sophist Wrong on Kyoto Protocol?

Recently I wrote in support of Pres. George W. Bush’s decision to take us out of the Kyoto Protocol. Pres. Bush opposed the treaty on the basis of bad science. I opposed the treaty for two reasons: the science is bad, as recently learned about living plants creating methane; and because the two biggest developing nations in terms of industrialization, and thus polluters, are not included in the treaty. That would be India and China. There is only one global environment, and I feel that all should do their part to ensure the health of the environment. It’s in our collective best interest. But, could I be wrong? If so, I’ll eat crow.

Now researchers have found that the Chinese pollution has actually caused a cooling of China’s weather. Yes, I did say cooling.
…China’s skies have darkened over the past 50 years, possibly due to haze resulting from a nine-fold increase in fossil fuel emissions…
Air pollution is widespread in China. Antiquated factories billow smoke, many residents still use coal to heat their centuries-old houses, and a sharp increase in car ownership has bathed the motorways in exhaust fumes.

The haze may have masked the effects of global warming across large parts of China, particularly in the central and eastern regions, where daily high temperatures have actually been decreasing…

…any success China has in curbing emissions will accelerate the effects of global warming in those areas when the cooling mask is lifted.

Can it be that the Chinese pollution is actually helping the global warming problem? Could this be the reason that China was given a pass on the greenhouse reduction requirements of the Kyoto Protocol? If that is the case, I’ll have to start cooking the crow.

It turns out that the crows have nothing to fear from me. Why? Because the Chinese pollution, which is so bad as to reduce their local temperatures, is contributing to the cumulative global effect of greenhouse gases.

The conclusion from this little exercise is that the U.N. agenda to penalize the Western industrial nations for the sins of the entire world is an absurdity that Pres. Bush had the good sense to reject. How come the U.S. proponents of the Kyoto Protocol don’t have the same good sense? Come on lefties; give me an answer.