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Friday, January 27, 2006

Tell Me Again Why We Don’t Need A Border Fence

Leftists and illegal alien advocates are having a proverbial cow over the conservative plans to build a fence along our entire border with Mexico. The Bush administration has been advocating a less than a continuous fence and emphasis on fences in some areas and high tech devices in others. Whatever plan is chosen, it must be effective and stop all crossings outside of officially designated crossing points.

The recent confrontation between Texas law enforcement and interlopers from Mexico is a good example of the inherent dangers to U.S. citizens.
The men dressed in military garb who crossed the border and confronted Texas law officers this week were drug smugglers, not Mexican soldiers, officials said Wednesday, illustrating Mexico's thorny problem with criminals who masquerade as security forces.

Photos of what appeared to be Mexican troops in U.S. territory during the incident Monday shocked many Americans, although Mexico quickly denied its military was involved.

But to most Mexicans it just offered further proof that drug traffickers run rampant around the border area in military-style vehicles, wearing uniforms and, in some cases, using military firepower.

Don’t look for any sustentative help from the Mexican government to stop the illegal crossings. Money sent back to Mexico by Mexican citizens living in the U.S. is now the number one revenue for Mexico, surpassing oil revenue.