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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hollywood Is Ignoring the Execution of Allen

I asked in “Will Clarence Allen be the New Anti-Execution Poster Child?” whether or not the self-absorbed Hollywood publicity whores would champion the cause of Clarence Allen like they did Stanley “Tookie” Williams. The execution is still scheduled for Jan 17th., and I haven’t seen any publicity from Mike Farrell or the rest of the Hollywood crew. Where’s Joan Baez warbling her songs? And, where’s the very righteous Rev. Jessie Jackson?

Things are not looking very good for Allen now that the courts have refused to block his execution and Gov. Schwarzenegger has declined to hold a clemency hearing. Allen is apparently well deserving of his execution, and there is no solid ground to support stopping it. But, even the worst of individuals surely must have some qualities that were good. Here’s what Allen’s daughter had to say about him:

He will never be the man they say he is because that man died a long, long time ago. (Even that Man was never as bad as they say if is) Everyone does good and bad in there lives but others never change they keep doing the same old things over and over again. That is one things that is very clear Dad is very much a change man and he just keeps on getting better. How many other men can say that, very few!!!
Allen has his attorneys and he has the diehard anti-execution crowd in his corner. And, the latter will be staging a number of protests and rallies on the eve of the execution. Read about it here. These folks are out there for every execution. At least you can admire them for their commitment to their cause. That’s more than you can say for the Hollywood crowd.

What is it that ignites the passions of the Hollywood elite with one execution and not another? Given the leftist bent of these folks, you would think that they would be as anxious to support an American Indian as they were a black. Have they ever supported a white? Tookie was about as vicious as you could be; there must be some other factors at play.