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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Allah, Yellow Rain Slickers & Tall Rubber Boots

It’s that time of the year again when the life giving and sometimes life taking rains return to Southern California to make the desert bloom. You might think that I’m referring to the Mojave Desert or Death Valley, but I’m not. I’m talking about all of Southern California. We are really just one big desert that is watered year round by canals from Northern California and the Colorado River. And, the storms bring floods, mudslides, and more car wrecks than we normally experience.

But, it never rains on the Rose Parade, or nearly never. It’s been 51 years since that happened, 1955. One year in the 70’s I was working on the parade route and it rained all New Years Eve. But come dawn, the rain was gone and the sun came out for a glorious day. It was one of those days where people all over the country envied Southern California for its weather. We used to figure that God liked the Rose Parade and forbad the rain. Now there is a good chance that it is going to rain on the parade. Did we do something to offend God? That would be the Christian God, of course.

Based upon the recent past, I suspect there is some Islamo-fascist cleric proclaiming that it is Allah who is responsible for making things miserable in Pasadena. And, miserable it will be for those young ladies on floats, smiling and waving as cold water rolls down their backs and off the end of their perky little noses. Miserable it will be for those who camped all night on Colorado Blvd. just to claim squatter’s rights on prime parade viewing territory.

Recent past? Sure, you remember all those mullahs proclaiming that Allah was responsible for Hurricane Katrina, etc, and that he was punishing the infidel Americans. They were quick to claim credit for the misery visited upon America by a natural disaster. But, they were strangely quiet about the massive earthquake and all the untold Pakistani misery that is still going on today. Go figure.

Anyway, I am wondering if Allah really is responsible for the potential Rose Parade rain. Something has to be done to advance Allah’s Islamo-fascist work in America. His minions are not having too much success. Not that they haven’t tried mind you.

Well, I’m showing my infidel colors by daring to write such blasphemous stuff. And, it is not too smart to stick your finger in Allah’s eye. Next thing you know there will be a fatwa directing the faithful to murder me. Maybe if I just shut-up they’ll forget about me like they did Salman Rushdie. Do you think that they really did forget about him?