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Saturday, January 28, 2006

N.O. Chocolate Leaves A Bitter Taste In Houston

News Item: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was roundly criticized for his candor when stating that the rebuilding of New Orleans will be “chocolate” and that "You can't have New Orleans no other way."

News Item: A new study has determined that 80% of the displaced New Orleans blacks might not return to New Orleans.

News Item: Displaced New Orleans black gangs are creating havoc and murder in Houston.

Considering Houston’s rapidly increasing violent crime rate as a result of the imported New Orleans gangs, Houstonians may well be reconsidering the generosity that they offered to the New Orleans displaced. Every big city is plagued with gang criminality, and they can scarcely afford the public cost of direct importation from another big city. With the increased criminality and social burdens, I’m sure that the Houstonians would be more than happy to send the New Orleans folks back to Louisiana.

Ray Nagin needs for his displaced black citizens to return. You will notice that he was direct and clear that he wanted the blacks to return. No, he did not say any thing about whites, Hispanics or Asians. Why is that? Could it be that Nagin knows well that his power comes from the black community? So, Nagin needs for the blacks to return. No blacks, no Mayor Nagin. But, there is a fly in the ointment.

A new study is predicting that depending upon the format of the rebuilding of New Orleans, there is a good chance that 80% of the displaced New Orleans blacks may not return. Oops, there goes Nagin’s mayorship. For the time being the Mayor is safe because the scheduled elections are cancelled since there is no body to vote.

Here’s the problem and nobody is happy. Houston won’t say so, but they would love to give New Orleans back the displaced. Nagin wants the blacks back, but he would not say that he does not want the black criminals back. Unless New Orleans designs a new and better socialized ghetto, the unemployable and voting blacks won’t return. And, why would New Orleans, or Louisiana for that matter, want them back. Katrina did New Orleans a big favor by cleaning out the social burden that New Orleans could not solve on its own.

Interesting problems, aren’t they?