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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Putin is Right-Destroy Them

Iraqi terrorists butcher Russian embassy workers and Russian President Vladimir Putin does not vow to bring the perpetrators to justice. He vows to hunt them down and “destroy” them. Two things come to mind immediately: an American president would have said that the suspects will be brought to justice (Pres. George W. Bush’s comment after 9/11/01 to “hunt them down” falls short of Putin’s directive to destroy); and if an American president had made Putin’s statement, there would be an outcry of condemnation from the mainstream media, leftists, liberals, and the United Nations. Well, the mainstream media reported Putin’s statement; I’m waiting for the howls of protest. Not!

Let’s be frank about this issue. There is no doubt that the U.S. authorities and military would try and apprehend such perpetrators with the strong possibility that the suspects might die in the process. This is a far cry from Putin’s straight forward declaration of a death sentence as the intended goal. I am guessing that there will be no howls of protest because the world elite, leftists and dictators hold the U.S. to a higher standard than they do Russia.

To a certain extent, the U.S. is responsible for the world attitude chiefly because our legal system provides unprecedented rights for citizens and non-citizens alike that are not provided by the rest of the world. We are positive that our way of governing is superior to all others. And, we correctly deduce that if everyone governed as we do then there would be a lot less conflict. But, much of the world operates on a different system, and it is a reality that Putin clearly understands.

Israel demonstrated that it understands the reality when it long ago came to the correct conclusion that survival often requires acting in opposition to world opinion. Thus, the end result was the pre-emptive strike, and there is no doubt that Israel will attempt to destroy those who threaten her.

Our form of justice and government is predicated upon the acceptance of the willing. The problem is that most of the world is not willing. It is time for Americans to come off our position of granting U.S. rights and procedures to peoples beyond our borders or within our borders illegally. We must modify our persona from a country granting our rights to all into a vengeful opponent willing to reach out and strike when threatened or wronged. We have neither the time nor the resources to do otherwise. Putin said it correctly: Destroy Them.

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