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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Palestinians-Like Rats in a Cage

With the abduction of an Israeli soldier, Palestinian terrorists have again goaded Israel into offensive action. The IDF penetrated into the Gaza Strip and flew jets over the Syrian presidential palace.

The Gaza Strip, home of the Palestinian dream for an autonomous state, is virtually surrounded by Israel on the North-East and East and the Mediterranean Sea on the North-West. The Gaza Strip does share it’s South-West border with the Egyptians, who are fellow Arabs.

There is a 30 mile barrier fence between Israel and the Gaza. That’s not a surprise. But, there is also a fence between the Gaza and Egypt called the Philidelphi Route which is patrolled by the IDF to stop smuggling of weapons, ammunition and illegal drugs from Egypt into the Gaza. In essence, the Gaza is totally surrounded by Israel and the sea, which is subject to Israeli gunboat control.

Apparently, neither the Egyptians nor the Palestinian armed forces wish to allow Palestinians to cross the border with Egypt. This is evidenced by the fact that both Egyptian and Palestinian forces stopped Palestinians from crossing the border after Palestinian terrorists blew a large hole in the fence. Read about it here and here.

…Palestinian operatives laid an explosive device along the border with Egypt, and blasted a arge hole in the fence. Egyptian officers lined the breach and Palestinian security forces fired in the air to prevent entry of Palestinians into the Sinai Peninsula.

Over the years, the Palestinian Authority has stolen billions of dollars in foreign aid designated to improve the infrastructure and lives of the Palestinians. Yet, the people still live in refuge camp squalor. The end result is that the Palestinian people are unable to stand on their own two feet and survive without the foreign aid. Due to the very actions of the Palestinian authorities, the Palestinian people are condemned to live like rats in a fenced-in dump.

Unfortunately, the Arabic mind is comfortable with blaming Israel for its problems and incapable of the critical self-examination required to transform itself into a self-sustaining nation-state.

HT Michelle Malkin & Drudge