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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Be A Good Little Muslim Girl, Kill Yourself

There is a video circulating on the Internet wherein the comedian is talking about Islamic terrorists going to heaven and getting their 72 virgins. He then moves to the females. The line goes something like this:

You be a good little girl; you must always wear a burqa; you must always wear a veil; you may not drive a car, vote, sing, dance, play games, listen to music, go to school, have job, or lean to read. You must live a life of absolute humility & celibacy. And, when you go to heaven you will be sex slave for terrorists.
The skit is funny and it is funny because it is based in truth. What the comedian did not include is that if the female violates any of many prohibitions, she will shame the family and the family will kill her. It’s called an honor killing, and it is practiced in many parts of the Islamic world, especially the more rural areas.

Now there is a new twist. Turkey is trying to become a part of the European Union and a condition of membership is getting rid of honor killings. So, Turkey has increased the nominal and perfunctory criminal penalty for an honor killing to a substantial criminal penalty. This has put the offended Muslim family in quite a bind. Now they risk losing two children, the offending female and the son tasked with the killing. Of course, the loss of the female is no bid deal. Fortunately for the adherents of Islamic culture, a new creative way has been found around the dilemma. The killings are arranged to appear as if they are suicides or they are actually induced suicides. Read about it here.

The hand-wringing crowd does not understand how it is possible for a family to kill their daughter for offenses which are often not within her control, like getting raped. The power of religion and cultural practices in this regard is incredible. Understand it: these people are not like us, and they don’t wish to be like us.