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Friday, August 04, 2006

National Security Is Not A Conservative VS Liberal Issue

The coming together of the American people after 9/11 is demonstrative of the fact that the citizens of this country, be they conservative or liberal, hold national security dear to their hearts. The mainstream members of both the Republican and Democrat parties are patriotic.

Two great world leaders, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, conservative and liberal respectively, stand solidly together on the issue of national security and combating the war with Islamo-fascism. They aren’t likely to agree on much else, but they do understand the very real threat to each nation.

The problem in prosecuting WWIII from an American perspective is in part as a result of the general populace not fully understanding the threat. An LA Times poll on Israel and Hezbollah showed two interesting facts. Number one, there is a significantly greater number of Republicans supporting an alliance between Israel and the U.S. than there are Democrats. And number two, the poll numbers are shifting apparently as a result of day-to-day developments in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. I’m not sure which problem is worse, but I suspect that it is the latter.

The American public, and I suspect most of the Western world, has not yet tumbled to the fact that Islamo-fascism is absolutely dedicated to the destruction of non-Islamic societies and their replacement with societies of Sharia. The Islamists are patient and don’t expect to be successful in one lifetime. But, they are certain that they will eventually prevail as Islamists continue to spread around the world. They are akin to a cancer spreading uncontrollably.

The battle between Hezbollah and Israel is but one battle in the worldwide war. The fact that there is a significant lack of support among some Americans signifies that those individuals have incorrect priorities. How is it then that the party of liberals is less supportive than the party of conservatives?

I suspect the answer is that non-supporters are ignorant or deceived by the biased main stream media that opposes anything George W. Bush. And, by those leaders of the Democratic Party who are a mixture of power hungry opportunists and leftists.

A prominent liberal Democrat can be a strong supporter of national security. Joe Liberman is a good example. And because of his patriotism, he is being excoriated by the Democratic Party such that he is likely to lose the Democratic primary and be forced to run for election as a third party candidate.

The fact that the poll shows a shifting of opinion on a day-to-day basis is symptomatic, I suspect, of a percentage of the populous which is not grounded in a firm philosophy. That’s of no surprise if you are not educated to the facts of the situation. Not maintaining a level of education is a factor of both a personal lack of effort and a dearth of balanced information from the mainstream media.
So, both conservatives and liberals can be patriots and support a strong and proactive national security platform. But, both leftists and rightists do not fit within that category. They are dedicated to the destruction of our American culture. The rightists are so far right that they come full circle and shake hands with the leftists.

The hope for America lies in the center. We must work to neutralize the venom of both the far left and the far right. The far right does not have much impact. However, the far left is another matter since they are well entrenched in the education system, and they are brainwashing their students with biased and imbalanced political positions.