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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hezbollah & Israel As Moral Equivalents?

George Sjostrom, a columnist in my local newspaper wrote a piece last Friday entitled, “Loss of freedom may be the price of peace.” George does not get to write the title of his piece, that’s standard procedure in newspapers. George’s piece says nothing about giving up freedom for peace. Instead, he wrote a lovely piece of moral equivalency of Hezbollah and Israel, from start to finish. George, are you by any chance an Arabic apologist, because you do not seem to have a grasp on historical reality?

The original Israeli settlers from the early 20th century did not steal Arabic land. They purchased it piece by piece. The League of Nations set-up what was to become the country of Israel and the world stood by as all of the surrounding Arabic nations attacked. The successor United Nations has been less than worthless as it constantly supports the Arabic provocateurs.

Israel is a democratic country that has not engaged in imperialism. They have only responded as necessary to avoid being eliminated from the face of the earth.

Israel took the U.S. foreign aid and turned their country into a modern showplace for both Jewish and Arabic Israeli citizens. The Palestinian authorities took the U.S. and world foreign aid and stole it. They left their people living in squalor.

Israel continues to survive at the cost of it’s own lives and with the financial support of U.S. aid. The U.S. has done so because historically the majority of the Americans are not confused about the issues. George, I don’t think you can be counted as one of the majority.

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