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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Double Tap Hezbollah

Suppose that you have a neighbor wherein to describe him as a jerk would be considered an act of charity. You know the type, the guy who is hostile and engages in rudeness and acts which would be vandalism if you could show the intent. Suppose also that this neighbor is known to own firearms, and he has made utterances that he wants to kill you. One day he walks towards you with a firearm in his hands. As he begins to turn the weapon in your direction, you draw a firearm and double tap him, two rounds to the chest and one to the head. Case closed; self-defense.

Now change the scenario wherein the neighbor crosses into your yard, kills one of your children and kidnaps two of your children. What do you do to rescue your children and get justice for the killing of your child? Normally you would call the police and let the experts do the job because they have a far greater possibility of accomplishing the task.

The scenarios described above are exactly the situation that Israel finds itself. It is surrounded by Arabs intent on destroying her. The fly in the ointment is that Israel has no professional police force to come to its defense and assistance. The United Nations, which was designed to deal with such problems, is an impotent Arabic apologist organization, totally worthless.

Israel is virtually alone in the world, with the major exception of the United States. Accordingly, Israel learned very early that to survive required that Israel depend upon no one. Israel knows that to continue surviving, it must act when it feels necessary. To do otherwise is suicide.

My message to Israel is this: don’t stop until you double tap Hezbollah.