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Monday, October 16, 2006

We Are The Nation Of Hezbollah

Did you know that the terrorist group Hezbollah was a nation? NO? Well, its not! But, someone forgot to tell some Islamists that little fact. And, you know what? It doesn’t matter because the Islamists are intent on dying for Allah and doing their best to take as many Americans with them as possible.

A YouTube video making the rounds is entitled, “Hezbollah Coming Soon to Your Home Town.” There are three segments to the video:

Segment One-shows a male adult leading a group of boys, about 5 or 6 years old, in a chant.

We are the nation of HezbollahOh Abu Abdallah (prophet Mohammed)
I shall sacrifice my life for Allah
Nothing like starting the kids young to get them to believe the Islamic claptrap.

Segment Two-depicts the family of Ahmed Assil, allegedly the first modern day suicide bomber. Apparently the father of Ahmed is speaking.

I am proud, I am ready to sacrifice all the others in the same way
What else is there for a man but to sacrifice his son for religion?
Nice of papa to be so glib about all of it. Of course, it is not he who died.

Segment Three shows an anti-American orator exhorting the masses and leading the chant “Death to America.”

We will not bow to the great Satan

The arrogant power hungry tyrant

That plans to rule the world!

We shall shout the slogan we learned from Iman Khomeni

Tougher higher stronger

Death to AmericaDeath to America
Death to America
You can watch and listen to the video here.

Oh well, America. Don’t worry about it. Muslims only make up about a quarter of the world’s population. Just go back to watching reality TV, Oprah, sports, the Simpsons, and Dr. Phil. Be sure to practice your best imitation of an ostrich and make it easier for the Islamists to slit your throat.

Oh, by the way. When an Islamist slits your throat, you don’t go to heaven and you don’t get 72 virgins. You just bleed out on the ground.