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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Carter & Clinton-Recipe For World Disaster

My favorite columnist, Al Martinez, is a U.S. Marine veteran from the Korean War. I don’t think that he understands how much I appreciate his personal sacrifices. Perhaps to Al it makes no difference that I appreciate. But, somehow I’d like to think that it does. I feel that it is important for us to tell our veterans that we thank them. I also appreciate it that he speaks personally and authoritatively about the horrors of war.

Almost every thing that Al says in his latest column, “Smoldering memories of the war in Korea,” about war and the N. Korean nuclear dilemma is true. But, what are we to do about it? We tried diplomacy, which was really bribery, when we paid N. Korea gazillions of dollars in support of its economy only to have the N. Koreans renege on the agreement about the handling and development of nuclear material after accepting our aid. The food aid was supposed to be given to the populace, but it was diverted to the military leaving the populous starving.

Disappointingly, Al is laying the current N. Korean nuclear crisis on Pres. George W. Bush’s doorstep.

Diplomacy has proved to be one of America's lesser talents, weakening our outrage against North Korea for violating the wishes of the global community when we, by charging into Iraq, pretty much did the same.
On the contrary,

The leftist media spin is that the current crisis in North Asia is the result of George W. Bush calling Pyongyang a member of the 'axis of evil.' In reality, the soft-line appeasement policy taken by Clinton against North Korea and China is what has led us to this point.
…Clinton adviser Paul Begala, now serving as a talking head on CNN, claimed that the Clinton administration contained the threat from North Korea. Clearly, Mr. Begala missed the 1990s.

Of course, Mr. Begala simply forgot that Clinton's military chief of staff testified in 1998 that North Korea did not have an active ballistic missile program. One week later the North Koreans launched a missile over Japan that landed off the Alaska coast.
During the early Clinton years, hard-liners and so-called conservative hawks advocated a pre-emptive strike to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons evelopment before it could field an atomic bomb. Instead of taking the hard line, President Clinton elected to rely on former President Jimmy Carter and decided to appease the Marxist-Stalinist dictatorship.

Carter met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang and returned to America waving a piece of paper and declaring peace in our time. Kim, according to Carter, had agreed to stop his nuclear weapons development. The Clinton appeasement program for North Korea included hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, food, oil and even a nuclear reactor. However, the agreement was flawed and lacked even the most informal means of verification.
In return, Kim elected to starve his people while using the American aid to build uranium bombs. The lowest estimate is that Kim starved to death over 1 million of his own people, even with the U.S. aid program.
For the life of me, I can’t understand why so many people admire Jimmy Carter. He gave us an Iranian Islamic theocracy, which ignited a worldwide Islamo-fascist war, and the North Koreans with a nuclear bomb. Whose side is he on anyway?

The Korean War was conducted under the aegis of the United Nations. Considering the fact that there has only been a truce signed to halt the Korean belligerence and never a peace treaty, the Korean peninsula is technically still at war. That was a fine beginning for the United Nations, which has proven to be a toothless tiger chiefly because it has so many corrupt member countries. The U.S. has borne the costs of guaranteeing the freedom of S. Korean ever since the truce. Now that N. Korea is on the verge of joining the nuclear family, what are we going to do?

The United Nations is a corrupt and impotent institution. There are no super power countries remaining except the U.S., despite the fact that China is intent upon attaining that status. So currently, it is up to the U.S. to be the world’s policeman, like it or not.

Can the U.S. continue to be responsible for ensuring world peace and harmony by virtue of being the one remaining superpower in the world? I don’t think so. We must work in concert with a select portion of the world community to guarantee the earth’s survival in a nuclear age. It is time to jettison the United Nations and form a new exclusive organization of democratic and free countries creating a truly world superpower to put upstarts like Korea and Iraq in their place before they ignite a nuclear conflagration.

Can we do it? God help us if Jimmy Carter or his Clinton underlings get involved again.

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