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Sunday, October 08, 2006

“Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water”

What’s not to like about the Republican Party? Well, plenty. How about growing the budget (not counting the war on terrorism) at such a rate that if you did not know differently you would think that the Democrats were in control? Or, how about the failure to address the illegal immigration problem that is threatening to bankrupt our social services programs and destroy our health care system? I’m sure you can add to the list all by yourself.

So, if you don’t like what the Republican Party has done, you can vote them out and put in the Democrats. Anyone who is conservatively oriented and follows that advice is ignorant beyond description. That’s the sort of thing that people used to call throwing the baby out with the bath water. Let’s hope that the American people are smarter than I fear. It would not take too many swing voters and weak-brained conservative folk to throw in with the Democratic folks to really screw up the country once again. Screw it up by again by allowing the Democratic Party leadership, which is generally leftist, to resume stacking the judgeships. The Democratic Party knows that it can not gain its way quickly through the legislative process, but it can get instant results by judicial fiat.