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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sharia Watch 10/5/06

Sabra is an American living in Saudi Arabia. She writes the informative blog Stilettos in the Sand bringing important insight into the cultural aspects of West meets Middle East.

Yesterday’s blog compared an attempt to inject Sharia requirements into American life with the contrasting Saudi refusal to allow Western cultural aspects into Saudi life.

I cannot wear shorts here, just to run and do a quick errand on the compound where we live without being scolded by Security. However, Americans in the United States are expected to bend over backwards to accommodate the wants of every other culture in the world regardless of the fact that other countries offer absolutely no compromise to Americans or others who may be guests.

Muslims are intent upon changing the Western culture to fit their Sharia view of life through diversity arguments. They are not in the least interested in applying the same diversity requirements in their society.