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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Local Patrol Officers-Invaluable In The Fight Against Terrorism

It was an Oklahoma State Trooper who arrested Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist bomber of the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. It was a Murphy, N. Carolina police officer who arrested abortion clinic bombing terrorist Eric Rudolph. It was a U.S. Border Patrol officer who arrested the first World Trade Center bomber and would-be Millennium Bomber Ramsey Yousef. And, it was local Ohio police who just arrested two Islamo-fascists:

Twenty-year old's Ali Howssaiky and Osama Abulhassan are facing charges of money laundering to aid terrorism. This comes after a traffic stop Tuesday led police to thousands of dollars in cash, several disposable cell phones and instructions of how to obtain private flight information. Police also found a list of flight passengers in the car.

Federal security agencies have the primary jurisdiction for terrorism investigations, but it is often the work of local police officers which starts a major case. Unfortunately, local officers are not working up to their potential because they have not been included within an all encompassing effort to get all U.S. law enforcement involved in the battle of World War III. That’s because the American public and their local representatives do not understand the necessity. They will, someday!

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