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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanks to Those Who Carry Our Water

My friend, Jay, is preparing to depart for a 14 month deployment to Iraq. Jay is a professional; He is a U.S. Marine. He is going to Iraq to train and work with the Iraqi forces. In Iraq he will definitely be in harm’s way.

Jay is a get-it-done type of guy, which is just what you expect from a U.S. Marine. A man’s man. A man willing to make a personal sacrifice for the values that he holds and to practice his chosen profession. A man willing to leave his friends and family and step out onto the battlefield.

Thomas Jefferson said, "The tree of life must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." I pray that the only blood spilled is that of the tyrants seeking to destroy the seedling of freedom struggling to grow in the inhospitable Middle East.

Recently, a few American military veterans have made the news by proselytizing the Iraqi anti-war message. A minority of our veterans feel that the sacrifices of our military personnel are not warranted. Perhaps these disillusioned veterans are among those who have paid a large personal price for their service, and they don’t wish for any other Americans to suffer as they have done. Their position is understandable on a personal micro level, but unacceptable for the macro needs of the nation.

The cumulative sacrifices given during the formative and subsequent years of this nation did not pay the debt of freedom in perpetuity. And as in the beginning, the sacrifices paid today are our mortgage payments for freedom. As long as a despotic regime remains on earth, we must continue to make the payments. To not understand this basic fact illuminates a fatal misunderstanding of the nature of mankind. We can wish for peace until the cows come home, but we will never have it until every person on earth lives in a democracy based upon the founding ideals of the United States of America. Let us be clear on this fact, no despot was ever defeated by wishful thinking, a strategy of appeasement, or sticking your head in the sand.

Jay and his family will pay a personal price for his carrying water to the tree of freedom. It is the least we can do to applaud his service to us. For without Jay and his comrades, our freedom will be foreclosed upon and we will eventually be enslaved. Free speech notwithstanding, I am sickened by the modern day Neville Chamberlains in our midst.

Jay, my friend, may good fortune always be with you and your comrades-in-arms. Heed not the words of the appeasers for they would give away that which others sacrificed to obtain. If we all had your dedication and patriotic sense of purpose, our future in freedom would be secure.

I thank you: for my wife and myself; for my daughters and their husbands; and for my grandchildren.