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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Big House Choppers" - "Built with Conviction"

Much of the American public has a pathological desire to associate with “outlaws.” That is not only true of males, but it is often true for many females as well. There is some sort of identification with and a romanticizing of the outlaw lifestyle. The counter-culture Marlon Brando image in the 1953 film classic, Wild One set the stage for a public acceptance of motorcycle gang violence.

In the American motorcycle world, a large portion of the Harley Davidson set can’t resist rubbing elbows with outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) members. And, the OMG’s are more than happy to take the money of these fools. The OMG’s host motorcycle poker runs and set-up booths selling their memorabilia at public motorcycle events. Every time Joe Harley rider forks out 20 bucks or so for a t-shirt, etc., he is contributing to the wealth of an organized crime group. He is providing more money to be invested in unlawful business ventures and lawful business ventures to launder unlawful proceeds.

The reason that OMG’s look the way they do is because they are expressing their disdain for lawful society. The reason that so many OMG members have extensive arrests is because they engage in extensive amounts of crime. Sure, there are some personable OMG members, but they are not nice guys. Don’t believe me. Read about a police undercover investigation into the Mongols OMG.

Now it seems that real outlaws, those currently in prison, are manufacturing motorcycles. No, the inmates are not necessarily OMG members, but they are still the dregs of society. It seems the Nevada prison system has recognized the public’s pathological desire, and they have capitalized upon it and are now having inmates make custom motorcycles to sell at the tune of $40,000. The name of the prison business is “Big House Choppers” and the motto is “Built with Conviction.”

Even at such a steep price, I’ll bet Big House Choppers will be a success. There is no accounting for some people.