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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You Do Have the Right to Defend Yourself, Just Not in SF

Headline-San Francisco Enacts Handgun Ban.

Do you ever wonder why leftists are so intent upon taking away the rights of lawful citizens to own and possess firearms? You’re upset that I am referring to Friscoites as leftist? Don’t blame me, that’s the opinion of the San Francisco Examiner. They ought to know.

True to their left-leaning reputation, San Francisco voters decided by a wide margin to ban the possession of handguns within city limits.

That wide margin, as it turns out, is 59%. How much do you want to bet that not a single one of the 59% owns a firearm? What an arrogant lot! Not only do they take away the right to self-protection with the most reasonable weapon, but they deprive their citizens of their lawful property without compensation. How can so many people be so light in the head? They can’t all be left over from the Haight-Ashbury days.

My previous blog on this issue is titled, San Francisco Gun Idiocy. Boy isn’t that the truth!