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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Constitution? I Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Constitution

I am not obligated to and I don’t want your U.S. Constitution. That’s the attitude which prevails in most of the world. That’s not too surprising to you, is it?

There is arrogance in the American practice of reflexively extending the rights and privileges of the American constitution and attendant laws to non-citizens. The arrogance is that we deem our system is so superior to your system that we will give you our system so that you can have what we have at no cost to you and through no good efforts on your part. And, we will do so even if you don’t want it. We will also do so even as you are trying to destroy our system and us with it. What other country would give rights enjoyed by their citizens to those who would destroy them? Try France. OK, so there is another country that is just as stupid in these matters. France, rather than arrogantly bequeathing rights, simply refuses to be judgmental and tries to ignore the problems of foreigners, who are poised to take over their country. As the foreigners and once-removed foreigners recently began sacking French cities, the French basically stood idly by and offered platitudes of appeasement.

I have no problem with Americans feeling that we have the best system in the world. We do. But, other peoples don’t really seem to agree with us. Consequently, they don’t really give a hoot about our laws, and they certainly don’t feel compelled to follow them.

Despite our rhetoric about inalienable rights, it is not in our best interest to automatically extend our Constitutional rights to foreigners. The operative words here are “our best interest,” not theirs. To continue to do so is folly, and it will eventually lead to a loss of American lives.

I makes no sense to grant to captured Islamo-fascists the process of trials with Constitutional rights guaranteed. It’s time to stop such nonsense. It makes no sense to grant Constitutional rights to someone who is in our country unlawfully.

Let’s draft a Constitutional Amendment stating that our Constitutional rights to not apply to foreigners who are in our country unlawfully and/or if they are engaged in warfare against our country. Likewise, let’s not grant the exercise of rights accorded under the Geneva Convention to any combatant person who is not a member of the regular military for a Geneva Convention signatory country. No non-citizen deserves the rights and privileges accorded under our Constitution until he has earned them. An illegal alien does not qualify. Neither does an enemy combatant.

We can’t really deport a naturally born citizen, because there is no original place to which we can deport the person. But, we can deport illegal aliens, and we can revoke the citizenship of naturalized citizens, who have dishonored our hospitality. We should do so in a heartbeat.