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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saga of the Crosley Solo Radio

My Blog of the Week (BOW) Crosley Solo radio arrived the other day. It was at my postal box, and I picked it up as I left town heading north toward Santa Cruz. The BOW contest is hosted by Generalissimo and Hugh Hewitt at Radio Blogger and the nationally syndicated Hugh Hewitt radio show respectively. Hugh and Generalissimo encourage bloggers to submit blogs concerning any subject matter addressed on Hugh’s radio show for a weekly BOW competition. The prize for the best blog of the week is a coveted Crosley Solo radio.

I am quite pleased to have received a Crosley Solo radio because I am the very first winner of the BOW contest, and at that time the Crosley Solo radio was not a prize for winning. Recently, I absentmindedly left my old tabletop radio outdoors, and it became a victim of So. CA’s first significant rainstorm of the season. Suddenly becoming radio impaired, I wrote a sniveling e-mail to Generalissimo pleading and begging that I be awarded one of the coveted Crosley radios so that I could hear the Hugh Hewitt radio show while out in the barn shoveling you know what. Low and behold, Generalissimo took pity and arranged to have the Crosley Solo radio shipped to me. So naturally the first thing I did when I got to my destination in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz, was unpack the radio. I was hopeful that I was going to be able to pick up Hugh’s broadcast from a San Francisco radio station. Much to my dismay, I was not able to hear Hugh, but instead found a leftist radio talk show on a channel close to Hugh’s SF station. I don’t know what local city broadcast the station, but the signal was strong and it could well have been from Santa Cruz.

Perhaps you are aware that Santa Cruz is one of those California leftist college towns on the coast. A beautiful place of ocean, beaches, mighty redwood trees and moderate climate south of San Francisco. It is truly a nice place, if you can get past the repugnant dominant politics, which obscures the light of truth like a dense fog rolling in from the sea. Left Coast liberal/leftist thought permeates life throughout the area as it oozes into the brains of gullible, philosophically unprepared and values impaired college students. Take a little time to visit the coffee houses and listen to the small talk while perusing the local newspapers and you will quickly discern that conservative thought is the minority view.

So there I was in a hotbed of leftism listening to leftist bull being shoveled at me from my new Crosley Solo radio. How ironic; I wanted the radio to hear the light of truth from Hugh while I shoveled the “you know what” in my barn. Look what I got. I solved the problem by turning off the radio. Too bad we can’t permanently turn off the likes of Michael Moore and company just as easily.