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Friday, November 18, 2005

Deuce Four-True Grit-Men of Honor

When you put together a unit people, whether they are military, police, fire or others, and subject them to stressful conditions, they often rise above the mediocrity of human kind and display inner steel which propels them to acts of heroism. Most of us don’t understand that there is chemistry, a magic at work if you will, in the fires of the cauldron that forges ordinary humans into something new and extraordinary. And, when a group of extraordinary individuals are called upon, they can produce incredible results. Such was the case of the Army’s Deuce Four that recently returned from a year in Iraq.

The Deuce Four returned to normal society different than when they left. Some are now honored in memory; some bear the results of physical injuries; some suffer from emotional damage; some came back without injury; but all paid a price. None will ever be the same. They are Men of Honor; Men of True Grit.

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