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Sunday, November 20, 2005

3 Critical National Security Issues

Hugh Hewitt was on a role last Friday during his nationally syndicated radio show. He interviewed Arizona’s Sen. Jon Kyle, Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Arizona’s Rep. J.D. Hayworth, and California’s Rep. David Dreier. Subject matter discussed included: the House Republican resolution and vote in response to Rep. Jack’s Murtha’s resolution on withdrawal of troops from Iraq; the Warner-Frist Iraq performance requirements imposed on the President; the Patriot Act; and Anwar drilling. See the transcripts of each on Radio Blogger.

All of these items are of extreme national security importance. I addressed the Patriot Act in a previous blog. The completion of the Iraq mission is critical to neutralizing the escalating Islamo-fascist world threat, stabilizing the volatile Middle-East and maintaining our access to sufficient amounts of the current fuel of our economy, oil. And, it is Anwar and coastal drilling that is required to begin the transition from foreign oil dependency to energy self-sufficiency.

The liberal/leftist braying about “no blood for oil” and no energy exploration nor extraction of domestic oil/coal resources in vast portions of the country are mantra. And, truthfully the environmental movement has played an important part in raising awareness to the real dangers of unrestrained extraction and unwise use of natural resources. As a consequence, new technologies and policies have been developed to protect and minimize damage to the environment and still provide for extraction of energy resources.

The reduction of ecological destruction is incredibly important for the health of the planet. But, from the perspective of the modern western world, the long-term issues of a healthy planet begin to pale in comparison to the immediate threats of nuclear annihilation by rogue nations and the drumming of the Islamo-fascist march to war.

The facts are unequivocal. We are not competitively energy self-sufficient. We currently get most of our foreign energy from the middle-east and Venezuela. In the middle-east there is a nationalistic and an Islamo-fascist threat to our continued access to oil. Venezuela is sliding precipitously into the Cuban sphere of influence and communism. The prospect of long-term future access to both of these foreign energy resources is not good.

In the west, we enjoy the fruits of capitalism and a representative form of government which has given us a bountiful economy replete with countless luxuries and freedoms that much of the rest of the world do not enjoy. Do we want to continue in this vein or not?

Just how do the opponents of expanding the access to domestic energy resources and the development of nuclear energy propose to guarantee the fulfillment of this country’s energy needs? Do we move forward or do we begin the nose-dive toward becoming a second and then a third world country?