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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New York City Madrassa Helping the Fifth Column

The New York City Education System jumped right out front in the development of a slew of bi-lingual schools teaching in at least Chinese, Spanish and now Arabic. The original concept of bi-lingual education was to be a mechanism to bring non-English speaking students along academically while they are learning English. That seems like a good idea in a quest to assimilate and make productive citizens of the students. But, that is not good enough for New Yorkers.

The Khalil Gibran International Academy is not a bi-lingual school in the traditional concept. Rather, it is a school to teach the Arabic culture and the Arabic language as a second language.

A public school in New York that will teach Arabic language and culture opened Tuesday amid accusations that it will impose a radical Islamist agenda in its classrooms.

The Arabic school has many detractors who allege that the school is a potential breeding ground for terrorists. That is probably a little bit of a harsh assessment. But, there is no doubt that the school is pandering to the Muslim community and spending public dollars to do so. If the non-Arabic speaking Muslims want to learn to speak and read Arabic, let them attend regular public schools and petition the teaching of Arabic as a second language.

By teaching in a sequestered school both the Arabic language and the Arabic culture, you can be sure that there is a heavy emphasis on Islam. That puts the school into the realm of being a publicly funded madrassa. This is a dangerous precedent and a severe threat to the American society by supporting a culture that wants to impose Sharia and Islam upon all.

Do you suppose that there is any agenda on the part of non-Arabic reading Muslims to learn the language of the Koran? That is in and of itself a danger because it is a fundamentalist Muslim concept that the Koran must be read in Arabic and not a translation.

The New York City Education System has developed a mechanism for the public to pay for the potential fueling of the growing Fifth Column of American citizens.

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