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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Bras Allowed at the Cutthroat Bar

Markleeville, Alpine County, CA, is about 5.25 miles NW of the intersection of State Highways 89 & 4 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 5501 feet of elevation. Markleeville is the home of the famed Wolfcreek Restaurant and Cutthroat Bar. It has been a long-time favorite stop and watering hole for Sierra travelers including most especially touring motorcyclists. Besides good food and adult beverages, the joint is renowned for the vast display of brassieres hanging from every available spot on the ceiling. As I recall the story, female patrons are obliged to make a donation prior to leaving the establishment or suffer the ire of more lubricated and liberally minded patrons.

I stopped by the Cutthroat Bar (named after Cutthroat trout) the other morning expecting to reacquaint myself with the vast variety of lingerie and savor a cup or two of java. Shucking my riding leathers and settling at the bar, I began to suspect that I had wandered into the wrong place. Nary a naughty was in sight. Inquiring of the bartender, I learned that new owners acquired the business five and a half years ago, and that was the end of a tradition. The bartender stated that she is asked every day about the demise of the lacy décor. It just goes to show that a good reputation can get around.

Recalling my previous motorcycle visits to the establishment, I was a bit nostalgically saddened. Still the bar and restaurant is the only place available in town all year round, and so it is naturally going to get plenty of business. As I sipped my drink, about twenty members of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) chapter out of Elk Grove, CA, trooped in. They were on a self-described “Tin Butt Ride,” which for them is 500 miles in a day. For those not in the know, an “Iron Butt Ride” is a 1000 mile ride. I prefer a more leisurely sojourn, say perhaps a Clay Butt ride.

Next time you are in the area, give the Wolfcreek Restaurant and Cutthroat Bar a look. If you are hungry or thirsty, you won’t have many other options. If you see a woman without a bra, it is not because she donated to a worthy cause. I miss that little bit of low brow frivolity.

Contact information is as follows:

Wolfcreek Restaurant and Cutthroat Bar14830 Hwy 89, Markleeville, California
(530) 694-2150