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Monday, August 27, 2007

Not as Freaky as Your Face

From the mouth of a babe, uninhibited by social norms, a bit of honesty was delivered. Such is the recent case of a 6 year old girl toting her personalized doll as she and her family shopped at a Wal-Mart store in Southern California. You may have seen a personalized doll that is made using a photograph of the face of the child superimposed as the face on the doll.

As the story is related by the little girl’s father, a female employee of Wal-Mart, dressed in her best all black Gothic style complete with piercings in an eyebrow, lip, nose and ears, spotted the doll in the little girls hands and exclaimed, “That’s freaky.” The little girl immediately retorted, “Not as freaky as your face.” Touché!

In civilized society we individually stifle our freedom of speech to spare the feelings of others. But then, why should the little girl have remained silent when the Gothic didn’t have the good manners to keep her opinion to herself?

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