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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Covina PD, Class Act

When I was in the police academy, they had us stand in formation and saluting for interminable periods of time. It was an exercise in mental determination to overcome the pain and muscle spasms. As your muscles shook and you struggled to maintain the salute, a drill instructor would go nose to nose with you and demand to know if you wanted to quit. Needless to say, the answer had to be, “No Sir!” Then the DI would usually demand to know if you were sure, to which you answered, “Yes Sir!” He’d then walk off to inquire of another struggling academy cadet. There are, of course, numerous such exercises in a police academy to determine if the cadet has the prerequisite right stuff.

In my police career, I’ve been tested a number of times. Had I given up on a couple of occasions, I may not have survived to write this blog. But, never in my wildest dreams did I think that standing at attention and holding a salute for an agonizingly long time would ever occur again. And, it has not for me, but it did occur for 5-6 Covina Police Department officers.

Last week I attended the funeral for U.S. Army PFC Cory F. Hiltz. I wrote “Spittin’ Anger Quenched by Tears” on that sad occasion. The funeral procession stretched out for miles. When we entered the cemetery, the Covina PD officers were standing rigidly at attention in a continuous salute as every car in the procession past by them. I was dumbfounded as I instantly related to the pain that they were enduring. Driving by, I returned the salute hoping that they would somehow understand that I deeply appreciated the honor that they extended to PFC Cory F. Hiltz and his mourners.

Covina Police Chief Kim Raney is undoubtedly quite pleased with his officers. They did him proud.

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