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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hells’ Angels Unbridled Violence

Occasionally I post pieces on the outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) world. Some may think that my anti-OMG stance is overplayed. But, it is not. To the contrary, it is understated due to the fact that there are so many other things to write about, and it would be become boring to keep reading about the miscreants. Nevertheless, my OMG pieces receive continuous hits indicating that there is plenty of interest in OMG’s.

Usually you think of OMG bikers as hairy, bearded, dirty, heavily tattooed, obnoxious parolees. If that is your concept, you are only partly correct. There is also a contingent that can pass in the professional world with their tats well concealed. Case in point,

Police say Paul Eischeid is a Hell's Angel to his core. Proud of his numerous tattoos, Eischeid was one of the most enthusiastic young members of the Hells Angels chapter in Mesa, Arizona in 2001, but in effect, he led a double life. By day, Eischeid wore suits that covered his tattoos to his job at a stock brokerage firm in Phoenix. At night, he was a frequent fixture at the Hell's Angels' clubhouse, drinking, and living the lifestyle of an outlaw biker. He even had "Hell 666 bound" tattooed on his lower back. In 2001, Eischeid was not a "full patch" member of the Hells Angels, but that was his goal. To reach that full-patch status takes time and is earned by demonstrated loyalty to the club above all else.

Paul Eischeid is wanted for the murder of Cynthia Garcia,

… a confidential informant told police that he, Eischeid and another biker began beating and kicking Cynthia until she was bleeding and unconscious. Then, police report, they tossed the woman into a car trunk, and drove out to the desert where they took turns stabbing the woman until she was nearly decapitated. The gang left their victim's corpse to rot in the desert.

Cynthia Garcia’s crime that warranted her murder?

…an inebriated Cynthia started "mouthing off" to some of the Hells Angels.

Read more and view photos of Eischeid and his tats at the America’s Most Wanted site.

Violence is part and parcel to the OMG lifestyle.