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Saturday, June 30, 2007

That Stinking Iraqi War

No, I am not happy about the Iraqi War. And, I am especially not happy that the son of one of my former partners was just killed in Iraq.

The stinking that I am referring to emanates from the rotting bodies of humans and animals slaughtered by Al Qaeda. No, the humans were not combatants. They were common villagers.

Read Michael Yon’s dispatch, Bless the Beasts and Children, for the details. See his photos, if you can stomach them.

The world of Al Qaeda and other Islamo-fascists is not a beautiful place no mater how many times they utter Allah Akbar! Get ready America. Europe is already feeling the heat. We are next, and it won’t be just our adult military children dieing, as they are now doing in foreign lands. But, we know that. Don’t we? It already happened on 9/11/2001. All of those American victims were non-combatants. Did you already forget? Did you let your hate for Pres. George Bush dull your memory? Pres. George Bush can be a political opponent. But folks, he is not your enemy.

Al Qaeda wants the stink of Iraq to be pervasive across the breadth of America. How the hell can any American be a liberal or leftist on foreign policy after 9/11/2001?

Update 7/3/07: The town of slaughter is al Hamira. Read Michael Yon's update.