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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Touch of Paso

Frequently I travel via Highway 101 traversing between northern and southern California. I have my favorite spots, such as the rest stop that invariably treats me to the sight of yellow billed magpies. But when it comes to dining, I like to visit establishments away from the main highway. I find restaurants primarily catering to the local people to be much more interesting than those serving travelers. I previously wrote about my mechanism of finding never before visited dining locations in Dining Via GPS.

Here’s the deal to go dining via GPS. First of all, you can’t be in a tight time constraint, and you can’t be starving and on the precipice of a hypoglycemic crash. Other than that, I only have one other major rule. I will not enter an establishment where I feel that it is best to be packing a gun while going in, coming out, or remaining inside. That’s it. Pretty simple.

Here’s how you locate those quaint dining spots via GPS. Ask your GPS to give you all of the restaurants in your immediate area and begin sorting through them from the closest to the furthest. Disregard any fast food or national chain restaurant and select the first interesting name that you come upon. Tell the GPS to route you to the selection and head out. If the first selection does not meet your standards, make a new choice and travel on. If you find yourself in a less than desirable neighborhood, see if you can get into a better area and start the procedure over.

Traveling on my motorcycle to Southern California this week, I had been rained on and treated to an occasional lightening strike on the horizon. Shortly before pulling off the highway at Paso Robles, the clouds dispersed revealing a scorching sun and high humidity. Using my GPS technique I found myself at the Touch of Paso Restaurant, and I wondered if they would welcome a traveler bedecked in motorcycle leathers and rain gear. Predictably, I was greeted by both employees and customers with warmth and friendliness, as if I were a favorite neighbor. Though it was lunch time, I opted for breakfast, which is served all day. The country omelet was exquisite.

You can find Touch of Paso Restaurant at 1414 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

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