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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Castro, Carter & Clinton-The Three Amigos

Allegedly the still ailing Fidel Castro is penning editorial columns, and he is opining that a 2008 Democratic Party ticket of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is a winning combination.

"The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate," he wrote in an editorial column on U.S. presidents published on Tuesday by Cuba's Communist Party newspaper, Granma.

At 81, Castro has outlasted nine U.S. presidents since his 1959 revolution turned Cuba into a thorn in Washington's side by building a communist society about 90 miles offshore from the United States.

Castro wrote favorably about Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

He said his favorite U.S. president since 1959 was Jimmy Carter, another Democrat, because he was not an "accomplice" to efforts to violently overthrow the Cuban government.

Castro said former President Bill Clinton was "really kind" when he bumped into him and the two men shook hands at a U.N. summit meeting in 2000. He also praised Clinton for sending elite police to "rescue" shipwrecked Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in 2000 to end an international custody battle.

It’s quite a feather in the cap of Carter and Bill Clinton to be favored and praised by the butcher of an untold number of Cubans. Too bad neither Carter nor Clinton had the grit to oppose a Communist dictator. But, it is understandable since both accurately represent the weak spine leadership of the Democratic Party on foreign policy. That’s quite a change since the days of President John F. Kennedy. Today, denial and appeasement are the hallmarks of the Democratic Party.

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