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Friday, September 07, 2007

Fun Day In The Water on the Eve of 9/11

Considering all the commonality that exists among humans, you would think that we could all get along together and that we would have a commonality of life expectations. Consider this photo of families enjoying the water. As you can see, everyone seems to be having a good time. Well, we really can’t determine about the woman in the foreground. But, presumably she is enjoying herself. At least her man seems happy.

Is there a fly in the ointment here? There certainly is, and it is the fact that the woman is probably happy with her circumstances so much so that she will willingly inflict a like fate on her daughters. And, that includes female circumcision, if that practice is included in her cultural heritage. Of course, in every culture there will be those females who object to the subjugation, but they have little alternative outside of suicide.

The Western world had better understand the mindset depicted here. This woman is most likely a willing participant in the process intended to lead toward your conversion to Islam and your ultimate subjugation. It is the goal of Islam to convert the entire world to Islam. It is the goal of Islamo-fascism to impose the conversion under threat of death. To the Islamo-fascist it is a simple directive: convert or die.

If you don’t believe that truth, you are either uninformed from a lack of exposure to world conditions or you are a member of the blinder crowd that previously denied the seriousness of or supported Nazi Germany and Communism. And, you can’t read the Islamic handwriting on the wall. It is your attitude that is inhibiting the U.S. from getting on a war footing to truly address the Islamo-fascist threat. You are the ones who don’t understand the significance of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, you don’t understand that they are only theaters in the greater world war. The Muslims understand this simple truth, and many of them still live as if in the Stone Age. It is fascinating how the so called educated Western Man can be so ignorant. Apparently you think that 9/11/2001 just happened, and that is all there is to it.