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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Urban Outfitters And Their Penis Pokey

Subtitled: Penis Pokey, Moral Morass-Exhibit Five

Last December I wrote in A Lump of Coal for Urban Outfitters, Inc that I instituted a personal boycott of the Urban Outfitters store in my home town. The reason for the boycott was my personal objection to their political message. My Christmas budget was spent in competitors’ stores.

Recently, I was again in search of a gift for another occasion. Curiosity drew me into the local Urban Outfitters store, and I went immediately to the book table. Surprisingly, the previous offending items were not there, but Al Gore’s ill advised missive on global warming was still prominently displayed. Perhaps appropriately, the Gore book was nestled among various books with sexual themes. There were books of sex coupons and Cosmopolitan’s Kama Sutra, complete with drawings of 77 different coital positions guaranteed to cause a visit to your local chiropractor.

OK, so there was a little bit of an adult theme in a female clothing store that caters to younger adults. I suppose that is not so bad since the customers have to open the aforementioned books to view their contents. But, that’s not the half of it.

It seems that an author, by the name of Christopher Behrens, has written a book, the Penis Pokey, which extols the pleasure of sticking a penis through a hole in the book. Wouldn’t you know it, but Urban Outfitters was selling the Penis Pokey. Go to the Penis Pokey link at Urban Outfitters or Amazon Books for a view of the book cover. The round circle in the middle of the jockey shorts is actually the hole, which acts as the receptacle for “willy.” Another web site describes the book:

Penis Pokey is a fun book which has holes cut through the centre of it for ones willy to poke through. Once inserted into the hole, the willy interacts with the illustration on the page to create a very funny scene indeed. From monkeys to underpants, the pages unveil cute opportunities to create various stories with your Johnston as the main star. The only thing missing was a page with a politicians head on it with a hole through the forehead, although we don't necessarily need a demonstration.
Thank you Urban Outfitters for upholding decent community standards. Not! I am real anxious for my young grandchildren to be exposed to your version of public sexual decency. Not!

According to the Urban Outfitters web site, the Penis Pokey book is no longer available on-line. By the way, the previously cited anti-Pres. Bush items were still displayed in my local store, on a separate table in the back of the store.

Here’s my assessment of the sensibilities of Urban Outfitters, Inc. They are leftist and moral slime. Anything to make a dollar, I suppose. The boycott continues.

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