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Friday, March 30, 2007

Exhibitionists, Moral Morass-Exhibit Three

Annie’s Mailbox, written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, once again struck a righteous blow for “decency” and just plain old prudery.

It seems that a lady is upset that a family member has posted a blog wherein there is a photo of the female member of the blogging couple “…wearing scanty clothing.” I am shocked. The indignant woman writes:

Yesterday, my husband's nephew sent him an invitation to view the online blog that he and his wife write. On the site, the wife had posted a photo of herself wearing scanty clothing. I am furious, but I don't think it's jealousy I'm experiencing — I think I feel disrespected.

Really now! It wasn’t the writer to Annie’s Mailbox with her picture on the blog. She expands upon the subject:

This same woman likes to wear revealing outfits around the family. I wouldn't think of posting this type of photo of myself on the Internet, and I certainly wouldn't invite male members of the family to view it.
Now we’re getting somewhere. It appears that Mrs. Indignant already has an ax to grind, even before the blog photo was posted.

I’m wondering if it is a more serious offense for male members of the family to view the blog photo than it is for the rest of the males in the world. Are you getting a picture of Mrs. Indignant as an insecure person? She continues:

I think she is clearly an exhibitionist, and I have a bad feeling that the pair of them are getting some sort of sick pleasure from the wife exposing herself to the men of the family.

Is it possible that Mrs. Indignant is peeved because Mrs. Exhibitionist is more attractive to the family males than she? It could be, but I’m guessing that’s not the root problem.

Well, don’t feel bad for Mrs. Indignant because Annie’s Mailbox rushes to her defense:

People who post provocative photos of themselves on the Internet are indeed exhibitionists, and you are probably right that this couple enjoys the =attention. They want you to be titillated or outraged.
From the information in the Annie’s Mailbox column, dear old Annie has taken Mrs. Indignant’s assertions at face value as to the provocative nature of the photos. Were the photos more revealing than what can be seen at the beach or the community swimming pool? Not only did Annie jump to conclusions, but she blithely brands the blogging couple as exhibitionists.

The one thing that I learned from this Annie’s Mailbox column is that there are three uptight women talking to each other and proclaiming their communal moral indignation. There is little likelihood that they will ever extract themselves from a moral morass of their own making. It’s really too bad that God made the human body so indecent that it can’t be looked upon without revulsion, don’t you think? I do agree with Mrs. Indignant in one regard; I don’t think that she is jealous. Her pathology is much deeper.

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