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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Love Santa Cruz-You Probably Don’t Believe That

Over the last year and a half, I’ve bashed the Santa Cruz area a good number of times. And, the bashees deserve every whack. But while the dominant politics run to the left, it does not mean that the area is bereft of good people. I have been routinely pleased by the service I’ve received in a number of stores. And, cheerful service is a good measure of the service person’s contentment with life. This time it was the Santa Cruz Cost-Plus, again, the Santa Cruz Harley Davidson dealership, and a Capitola Starbucks store. Friendly service is a trait that is becoming more of a rarity than I like.

What else do I like about the area? The ocean, the trees, the greenness of the vegetation. I’m not real excited about all the rain, but that’s why it is so green. I also appreciate what I call the “alternative” nature of many of the inhabitants. I relate to people who appreciate and explore the alternative world of health and spirituality. There is much more to the world than what is normally accepted in more conservative areas of the country.

It is true that a greater proportion of liberal people delve into the alternative world than do conservatives, but that does not mean that conservatives are absent. Perhaps what it takes for both conservative and liberal alike is to not be exclusively married to one of the fundamental Abraham based religions.


Add to the list the Safeway in Aptos.