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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back in the Land of Redwoods & Fools

I drive all over Southern California and witness all sorts of bumper stickers from the profane to the political, with the latter often running to the insane. Bumper stickers offer a window into the minds of those who plaster their cars with sacred messages.

Nowhere matches the Santa Cruz, Berkeley and San Francisco areas in Northern California for the intensity and youthful dedication to the half-baked, leftist, anarchist, and environmental philosophies. The youth slavishly conform to the sloppy style of dress that passes for high fashion among the inexperienced and immature minds, which ache for peace and a world where animals are not eaten. As if they had a clue as to what it takes to have peace. Only fools and the immature would confuse the anti-war message with peace.

On a recent trip from Southern California, I left the agricultural area of Castroville, with its prominent Hispanic culture, and at Highway 1 entered once again into the university sphere of influence. Proof was right there in front of me. Plastered on the rear of a Subaru, were messages of anti-Pres. George W. Bush, animal rights and organic clothing.

I apologize for the poor quality of photos as they were taken through a dirty windshield while on the move.

An organic clothing message:

A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals message:

The driver of the car was a male white in his early 20’s, with a large red bushy beard and an unkempt pile of hair. The passenger was a female white, approximately the same age, with straight unadorned hair, no cosmetic makeup and plane as a board. Both were stylishly dressed in the manner of their genre.

A Subaru, anti-Bush, animal rights and organic clothing; the only things missing were pictures of Chi Guevara and a marijuana plant. There you have it, the politically correct bearing true witness to the elitist college philosophies which often passes for intellectual thought in today’s American universities.

So, how did I know that this car was associated with the elitist halls of higher education? That is a no brainer. There was also a Stanford sticker in the window.