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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Viking Takes On Route 66

Adventure is where you find it. Or, maybe it’s where you make it. It is not important to be the first to do something, but it is important to dream and strive to accomplish the dream. Larry is just that type of guy. I don’t think I’m giving away any state secrets when I tell you that he is 72 years of age. And, what is he doing? Well nothing less than riding a bicycle the entire length of Route 66 from Southern California to Cleveland, Ohio. I’d ride my motorcycle on that trip, but a bicycle? That takes cahones. Let it be known that I tried my best to convince Larry that the correct “bike” for this trip is a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but he would not hear of it.

From Larry’s website, Viking on Wheels:

In the spring of 2007, fifty years after my brother and I left Ohio for California in this brand-new 1957 Chevrolet, I will ride the same route only in reverse direction. It won't be in the Chevy with my brother, but solo on a bicycle. Oh how times have changed since then...a good road bike now costs about twice as much as the Chevy did then, and classic car buffs put out tens-of-thousands of dollars today for a '57 Bel-Air Sport Coupe Hardtop Convertible!

My objective is to ride to the Case Alumni Association's All Classes Reunion on June 8, 2007 in commemoration of The Class of 1957. And what better route to take back than the one used that year...Historic Route 66!
Larry left Muscle Beach in Santa Monica on an overcast Sunday morning, April 1st, after the traditional dipping of the rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean. He is now in Needles, CA. Go to Larry’s website for information on the historic Route 66 and follow Larry’s progress.