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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mooning, Moral Morass-Exhibit Four

Taylor Tillung, a high school student in Florida, mooned a teacher who refused to allow him admittance to a school event. According to Tillung’s attorney,

Tyler Tillung, 18, mooned a teacher "suddenly and without thinking about the consequences" in February, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday. The teacher had declined to let him into a Feb. 21 school lip sync show that was full. He was suspended for six days and reassigned to a new school.

The incident occurred Feb. 21 when Taylor tried to gain access to the annual Lip Sync show at Palm Harbor University High. When veteran teacher Carla Webster told him the event was sold out and the auditorium was too full, Taylor pressed her to let him in.

After she declined, he mooned the teacher. The lawsuit concedes that he made the act worse "by spreading his buttocks for an instant."

Poor Ms. Webster was “traumatized,” or so says the school principal.

Palm Harbor principal Herman "Doc" Allen described the mooning as "disgusting" and the teacher as "traumatized."
Isn’t that something? A teacher is traumatized by the sight of bare buttocks. Or, was it possibly a glimpse of an anus that caused the trauma?

Come on folks! Traumatized by Tillung’s bare butt? Isn’t that a little too much to accept about an adult, who is expected to be mature enough to be entrusted with the education of youth? I would not be surprised if the trauma allegation is nothing more than a justification for an over-reaching disciplinary action.

The really sad part of the story is the realization that there are plenty of uptight, thin-skinned people to be offended by the likes of Tillung’s impetuosity.