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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

U.S. Achilles Heel

There are three components comprising a significant defect in the American condition: the Vacuous; the Deceived; and the Peace Appeasers. Each component part contributes to the country’s vulnerability because they inhibit an all out marshaling of resources to counter the immediate threat of Islamo-fascism. They will also contribute to a potential failure to recognize and prepare for another dragon on the horizon, China.

A large amount of the U.S. citizenry is ignorant of and/or uninterested in politics and social/foreign policy. They are basically only interested in their micro personal lives to such an extent that they make little to no effort to become educated to the vital issues of the day. They are the Vacuous.

An even larger segment of the American society, the Deceived, is interested in the world condition and the part that we play in it. However, they are woefully under-educated and misinformed on the issues. If it were not for an exposure to sound-bite, agenda driven mainstream television media, both the Vacuous and the Deceived would be nearly unexposed. And, most of the exposure received via TV and newspapers is highly biased on the leftist/liberal side.

Compounding the problem of the under-educated is the phenomenon of American Peace Appeasers content to worship “peace” over all else. Sixty some years after World War II, a war the U.S. only entered after Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, there are a considerable number of Americans who act as if this very real global World War III does not exist. Talk about ostriches with their heads in the sand. Many of these people consider themselves to be “citizens of the world” refusing to acknowledge that there is something very special in the American experiment and that there are those intent upon destroying the experiment.

The under-educated and “peace above all else” crowd, for different reasons, are manipulatable fodder for deleterious elements wishing to engineer extreme leftist changes in the political landscape and the Democratic Party leaders attempting to regain control of the U.S. government.

The central participation of Communist organizations within U.S. anti-war groups, since at least prior to WWII, is well documented. Their presence in current day anti-war demonstrations is plain to see to anyone willing to look. It is ironic that anyone would give any credibility to those espousing political systems that are notorious for murdering millions of people. But what can you expect of an under-educated populace influenced by a mainstream media that provides little to no in-depth analysis about who it is that leads the anti-war charge? MSM is content to feature the likes of puppet Cindy Sheehan, but fails to reveal who manipulates her strings. MSM dutifully reports on anti-war demonstrations, but does not bother to zoom in on the event organizers and agitators.

Leftist and Communist philosophies do not represent a serious threat to America except for their cancerous influence on public opinion. For example, the inflaming of public opinion during the Vietnam War set in motion a shameful period in our American history. And, those same forces are still at work today, only now they are seeking to hinder the prosecution of the war against Islamo-fascist terrorism and the preparation to counter growing Chinese imperialism.

The Peace Appeasers, the Deceived and the Vacuous represent a weakness in the fabric of America. They will fiddle and impede until America is in flames and chains. Then they will whine.