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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Under Attack by Fiction and Science

There is quite the controversy about the fictional film Da Vinci Code, which is purported to challenge the authority of current Christian thinking. A segment of Christianity is apparently taking umbrage with the film. That’s understandable because so many uneducated people are now getting their “education” from agenda driven cinema instead of solidly researched literature and schooling.

Science, which may not be acquitting itself so well with the global warming issue, is making some Christians, who take the Bible literally, quite uncomfortable with scientific revelations about the relationship of man and other primates.

Based upon DNA studies, science is now stating that it appears as if the evolution of man and apes took a rather long time in separation due to interbreeding. Man bred with animals? See the reference here.

Also, scientists now claim that monkeys can talk by stringing words together into sentences. That was thought to be an exclusive human trait.

A recent study has shown that apes engage in planning activity. They will select a tool to accomplish a task and then save the favored tool for the same use at a later time. That’s a far cry from Darwin’s tool user observations.

Step by step the scientific community is reporting discoveries which are in conflict with the some foundational religious views. That, undoubtedly, is causing a great amount of angst. Whether or not certain Christian views are in conflict with scientific discoveries is immaterial. The great contribution of the Judeo-Christian tradition is a life enhancing value system, no matter how man came to be.