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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bellyache by the Irresponsible

The law says that if you are getting federal education aid, you can not use illegal drugs. If you do, you lose the aid. That’s pretty simple to understand.

Predictably, along comes an assortment of people who think that it is unfair because it is “double jeopardy” if the person has been convicted of the crime. No it is not “double jeopardy.” You are not convicted twice for the same crime. It is a civil consequence for an unacceptable behavior that is judged to be contrary to the effort to produce productive citizens through higher education with public funds.

In this article on the subject, an opponent to the law explains argues:

"This law doesn't deter drug use. It deters education," said Adam Wolf, an attorney with the ACLU's Drug Law Reform Project in Santa Cruz. "Funding education is one of the smartest uses of tax dollars.

There is no surprise that opposition to the law springs from Santa Cruz, CA. The area is a hotbed of leftist radicalism and illegal drug use.