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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Afghanistan Devolving?

Reports are beginning to come in about the resurgence of the Taliban in the countryside of Afghanistan. This from Afghanistan:

Building on a winter campaign of suicide bombings and assassinations and the knowledge that American troops are leaving, the Taliban appear to be moving their insurgency into a new phase, flooding the rural areas of southern Afghanistan with weapons and men.

Each spring with the arrival of warmer weather, the fighting season here starts up, but the scale of the militants' presence and their sheer brazenness have alarmed Afghans and foreign officials far more than in previous years.
If that is not bad enough, this article reports that NATO is not trusted to carry on the fight against the Islamofascists as U.S. troops are replaced:

…NATO peacekeepers, who have repeatedly stated that they are not going to fight terrorists,…
Unsure of the strength and commitment to fight of the incoming NATO forces — with British, Canadian, Dutch and Australian contingents — Afghan provincial officials, who stand first in the Taliban's firing line, have demanded that Mr. Karzai provide them with hundreds more police officers and weapons.

Is NATO becoming as ineffectual as the United Nations’ peace keeping forces?