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Monday, May 01, 2006

Fair Weather Americans

A big anti-war demonstration in NY City and the media tell us that in attendance were Cindy Sheehan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Susan Sarandon. It’s no surprise that the three were there since they often are present to support their personal agendas by turning their backs on Americans making sacrifices. And, it is really not a surprise that tens of thousands joined them. We’ve seen them before in the 60’s, and at that time the movement was stimulated, nurtured and manipulated by Communist sympathizers.

There is no reason to expect that there would be any less demonstrators today since the Fair Weather American segment of society has not shifted its position toward traditional American values.

I expect that when America is dramatically attacked again in the style of 9/11/01, Americans will once again rally to the flag and do what must done. But until that time, America will continue to have a growing rot from within as the country evolves toward larger government and greater entitlement programs.