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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iraqi Soldiers Standing Up

The Iraqi soldiers are beginning to standup to the challenge of the fight in their homeland. That’s the opinion of U.S. Marine Master Sgt. Jay Lillefloren.

The bond formed by the combat action and rigorous training has begun to slowly blur the line between Iraqi soldier and U.S. Marine…

The Iraqis are forming a solidified, independent army with the support of the American advisors, said Lillefloren. He added that as the Iraqis take a more significant roll in the fight, they continue to see themselves as working right alongside the Americans instead of the supporting role they had earlier in their development.

Lillefloren is the head of a Military Transition Team charged with the training of Iraqi forces. You can believe the contrary message delivered by the MSM and America’s defeatists or you can believe this U.S. Marine. I choose Lillefloren because he is an honest and honorable man. I know that to be true because he is a friend of mine.